Vikas Gupta TV Shows

Vikas Gupta, also known as Vikan is a well known Indian television presenter, creative director, writer and director known for his involvement in Big Brother, Host of MTV's Ace Of Space series and hosting Fear Factor: Khitron Ke Khali 9. He has created several television shows over the years.

Vikas is a part of the production team for the Hindi version of the BBC's The Apprentice, which is one of the most successful TV shows on UK television. He is also known for being a part of the Indian version of Big Brother.

Vikas is a very experienced writer and he has written a number of television shows. He has also written and produced several successful films including Vasanti, The Last Tango in Paris and Vishwaroopam. Vikas has won the Filmfare award for Best Director for The Last Tango in Paris was made in India. He was also part of the production crew of the film Aaq-e-Azam, which was a huge hit in India and received the Oscar nomination.

Vikas is also a producer, writer and director. His work includes TV dramas such as Rajneeti, Daredevils, Chhota Bedi, Manju Warrier and many others. Vikas is a very popular presenter and a great interviewer.

Vikas has written and directed various movies, TV serials and documentaries. His film career spans many decades. He has also had varied commercial roles and is best known for his roles in films such as Gankana, Kahaani, Vrindavan and Bhai Dooj among others. His television career spans over the past fifteen years and is also known for its success on national television.

Vikas has worked hard to make his television shows a hit. His shows have won several awards and his popularity among viewers and his audience continues to be growing.

Vikas is also known for creating a good rapport with his audience by interacting with them in an authentic way. He makes people laugh and have fun and this is something that people from all walks of life love about Vikas.

Vikas is an amazing choice for a movie producer and writer because of his talent, knowledge and experience. His TV shows are known to give entertainment and fun and this is something that many people enjoy watching. He has the ability to create characters and tell stories that are both exciting and realistic at the same time.

Vikas has been known to change the face of television by introducing Indian TV channels that are innovative and original. The shows of Vikas are known to be innovative and well thought out. His shows are very popular and a hit with people. His shows have a huge following.


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