Naagin 5 Ekta Kapoor - An Intense and Thought provoking Movie

A superlative show by a master actor, Naagin 5 Ekta Kapoor's supernatural drama tells the story of a young woman, her father and her friends who find themselves lost in the depths of the jungle. The movie is a fascinating piece of cinema that is a must watch for all lovers of films. What makes it stand apart from other Bollywood movies is its story line, which depicts the life and death of a girl called Ekta Kapoor.

While most of the stories that you have heard about have involved some sort of supernatural beings, Naagin 5 Ekta Kapoor's tale is a different story altogether. The movie is set to a backdrop of mystery, but what is not yet clear is that the protagonist is really a young girl who was once a victim of child molestation, rape and murder. The girl has been locked up in a mental institution for her crimes, where she is kept under guard with several other girls who are on the verge of losing their sanity. As things get worse for her, the girl realizes that her father was murdered and is not able to speak a single word.

The first thing the girl does when she is found out about her father's murder is to run away from the institute in search of help. When she reaches the outskirts of the forest, she finds that she has to face some of the worst monsters that have ever existed. What she didn't know is that her father had been possessed by a demon and she would soon learn that he is responsible for the deaths of his wife and children. With a little help from her friends and a strange man who claims to be a medium, the girl manages to escape the clutches of a devilish entity that wants to make her an instrument of his evil will.

Naagin 5 Ekta Kapoor has the right blend of good acting talent with the right story line that makes the film all the more interesting. The casting in this film is outstanding as well as the music is outstanding, making this film one of the best that have ever come out of India. The movie is directed by Ashok Kajol here with Rajesh Gopalakrishnan as the editor and Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Raja Sen as the director and producer. in this film, Ashok Kajol gives us the best performances to his role as the lead character. and Rajesh Gopalakrishnan does a great job as the editor.

This is certainly one of the best films that have come out from India and it is sure to attract a wide audience. All the main actors in this movie are good at what they do, but I would have liked to see a little more from the other ones who are involved in this movie. Ashok Kajol shines as the lead character, while Rajesh Gopalakrishnan does a good job as the editor. The rest of the cast also performs well and give very convincing performances, so you cannot go wrong with this movie. One thing that needs mentioning is that this movie has a very long run time, so if you haven't seen it by now, then it is about time you make sure to go see it.

One other thing that has to be mentioned about the movie that is worth mentioning is the theme of Naagin is a fantastic one. It is interesting to watch and it gives you the perfect excuse to get lost in a completely crazy world where your mind is completely free. So much can happen that is unbelievable and completely amazing, that you cannot help but laugh. A true masterpiece!


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